Finance vs. Lease

Fin vs LeaseUnderstanding the differences between financing and leasing can be confusing, but we’re here to help! If you like the idea of owning your vehicle and prefer to pay off your loan, financing may suit your needs. If you enjoy driving a new vehicle with lower payments and drive a reasonable amount of kilometers, leasing is a great option. Speak with one of our knowledgeable leasing consultants to learn more and to discuss which option is right for you.

Benefits of Financing
• You own the vehicle once all payments have been made
• All retail loans are open which means you may payout your loan at any time without penalties
• No kilometer or wear and tear charges

Things to Consider About Financing
• Payments are usually higher than lease payments
• Down payment may be required

Benefits of Leasing
• Drive a new vehicle more often
• Lower monthly payments compared to financing
• No down payment required
• Option to purchase your vehicle at the end of your term

Things to Consider About Leasing
• Yearly kilometer allowance
• Possible charges for excessive wear and tear