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Driving a Honda has always been a joy. We’ve just improved your ownership experience. Honda Plus Owner Comfort offers years of protection against damages that are not covered by your insurance company, but are expensive to repair.


Dent and Ding Protection

Minor dents and dings are repaired using the paintless dent removal process. This will protect your vehicle’s factory finish.


Windshield Repair Protection

A small crack can lead to a big problem. We’ll repair chips and cracks up to 2” right away to prevent growth. And not just once. You’ll be taken care of every time it happens. If the chip is larger than 2”, we’ll still help. We’ll pay up to $500 towards your vehicle insurance deductible.


Key Fob Replacement

Keys disappear all the time. It’s part of life. If your key fob is lost or destroyed, we’ll get you a new one. Plus, we’ll pay for the reprogramming. Zero deductible. Zero problems. 100% convenient.


Rip, Tear & Burn Protection

Minor rips, tears and burns on upholstered seats don’t just look bad, they’re bad for resale. We want you to worry about enjoying the ride, not things out of your control. We’ll take care of the cost for any uh-ohs.


Owner Comfort Package Term MSRP
  • Lost, stolen or damaged key fob replaced at any Honda or Acura dealer in Canada, including programing – up to $900/year
  • Minor windshield cracks & chips up to 2” repaired or up to $500 paid towards insurance deductible for replacement
  • Minor dents & dings up to 2” in diameter if repairable by PDR process (paint not broken)
  • Repair to interior seats from rips, tears & burns up to $300 per occurrence
24 months $569
30 months $669
36 months $729
40 months $799
48 months $819
60 months $919
72 months $1,019
84 months $1,199


Please speak to one of our finance managers about individual pricing options.

Prices subject to change without notice.