Boating season in the Ottawa Valley doesn’t last that long – but those who enjoy fishing, water sports & cruising along the lakes, rivers & channels, hit the water every chance they get!

Ontario living means living close to multiple lakes, rivers & bodies of water to cruise in during the summer months! Why not hit the water with an outboard motor you can trust & depend on; a Honda 4-stroke Outboard.

Because of their cleaner, cooler-running four-stroke design, Honda outboards can require less maintenance and servicing than two-stroke engines. They’re engineered to make the few things you need to do easy. You fill the oil the same way you’d fill a car. Checking your oil is also the same, using a calibrated oil stick. And the filter is easy to replace. Changing the oil and applying a little grease at key points will take care of your annual maintenance.

Eli Charinos
Powerhouse Sales Manager
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The KANATA HONDA POWERHOUSE is located in the same facilities as the Kanata Honda dealership, making Kanata Honda the only everything Honda store in the Greater Ottawa Area. For everything Honda makes, whether it be “list products” we have you covered for sales, service and parts. Our Powerhouse technicians are specially trained on all powerhouse products to guarantee the best for your Honda products.

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At Kanata Honda we offer only the best products and servicing Honda can provide, in our newly renovated facilities to benefit you!