Honda Hotel

Honda Hotel

We'll Put Your Bike Up For The Off-Season

Welcome to the Kanata Honda Hotel. It's the perfect place for your bike to spend the off-season - being cared for as an honoured guest. Rest assured we'll treat your bike like family, because to us, it is. Storage in our indoor climate controlled facility is available for motorcycles, ATVs, SXSs, personal watercrafts, and more. Your ride deserves nothing but the best. The Kanata Honda Hotel: safe, secure, clean.

Premium Package


Free oil change included**
Battery and fuel maintenance
21 point inspection
Courtesy wash
Four month minimum required

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Battery and fuel maintenance
21 point inspection
Courtesy wash
Four month minimum required

**most makes and models
*$40 admin, processing, & maintenance fee applies to any length/term

Storage Tips

Improper storage of your Honda can lead to numerous problems, including a discharged battery, rusted fuel tank, clogged fuel lines or carburetors, faded paint, rust, mildew, and in certain conditions, even severe engine damage. If you won’t be riding for an extended period, such as during the winter, thoroughly inspect your motorcycle and correct any problem before storing it. That way, needed repairs won’t be forgotten and it will be easier to get your motorcycle running again. With proper storage, your Honda will be ready to ride in the spring.

When your motorcycle has been stored for an extended period of time it may require a maintenance tune up in order to be running again. For more information refer to your owner’s manual or speak one of our knowledgeable service advisors.

After Storage - Preparing For Your First Ride

For your safety, it is very important to take a few moments before each ride to walk around your motorcycle and check its condition. If you detect any problem; be sure you take care of it, or have it corrected by one of our specialists.

1. Engine oil level - add engine oil if required. Check for leaks.
2. Fuel level - fill fuel tank when necessary. Check for leaks.
3. Coolant level - add coolant if required. Check for leaks.
4. Front and rear brakes - check operation; make sure there is no brake fluid leakage.
5. Tires - check condition and pressure
6. Drive chain - check condition and slack. Adjust and lubricate if necessary.
7. Throttle - check for smooth opening and full closing in all steering positions.
8. Lights and horn - check that the headlight, tail/brake light, turn signals, indicators and horn function properly.
9. Engine stop switch - check for proper function.
10. Side stand – check ignition cut-off system for proper function.

If you have properly stored your bike and completed the preparing to ride procedures, you’re ready for another riding season. Enjoy!